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Authorize.NetOnline Processing With Authorize.Net

Secure Real-Time Processing System offers a secure, cost-effective, and reliable way to collect payment and process transactions. Authorize.Net fills that need with a server-based real-time transaction processing system. Merchants with a valid merchant account can use the system to submit, authorize, capture, and settle credit card and electronic check transactions without the need for a separate transaction terminal or processing software.

There are three main methods of processing transactions through the system:

Virtual Terminal - allows you to manually process mail and telephone credit card transactions, as well as issue credits, just like a real physical terminal, but with the added flexibility of letting you access it from any Internet connection in the world.

WebLink - allows merchants to link their web site to the system in order to accept credit card payments from customers in real-time with complete automation.

ADC (Automated Direct Connect) - provides a mechanism to link more complex web sites with the transaction gateway server, requires custom programming.

Electronic Check Withdrawals are also supported on the Authorize.Net system through eCheck.Net service. eCheck.Net is an optional item available with additional fees.